Heavy Snow Buries The Divide

A powerful, early December storm brought heavy snowfall to the Georgetown Divide. Flurries started late in the morning on December 6th and 24 hours later, The Divide was buried deep in snow. As much as 20 inches was reported in the Georgetown area with higher amounts seen upcountry.

With the Gas N Go closed, Beau was out in search of hot coffee.

Local residents were out early Monday morning clearing snow from streets, sidewalks, decks and rooftops.

Mark Murchie removes snow from the awning of his business.

Talk of  “hot toddys” was heard on Main Street as the clean up slowly proceeded.

Heavy snows covered Main Street. Georgetown Hotel stands in background.

The heavy snow knocked out power to The Divide for almost 30 hours before the lights came back on.

Customers waited in line for Georgetown Gas N Go to reopen.

One local man said he hadn’t seen this much snow in Georgetown since the 1960’s. Even residents of Cool and Pilot Hill reported that at least 6 inches of the white stuff had fallen there.

Tom Allen takes cover near Betty's Barber Shop in Georgetown.

If this early storm is any indication, The Georgetown Divide could be in for a long, hard winter.

photos by georgetowndivide

2 thoughts on “Heavy Snow Buries The Divide

  1. Wow! Impressive amount of snow. Thanks for the report, we have an offer in on a house in Georgetown and this is good to know. I’m told this is an unusual amount of snow for the region…curious what the averages are….


    1. Hi Ken,
      An impressive amount of snow for sure and it is unusual, especially for this early in the season. Since posting this story, I’ve heard talk of one other large snow event in Georgetown around 1988-89 when about 3 feet fell overnight. Rainfall is more the norm here, with the average being about 58 inches a year.

      If you have a 4 x 4 or all wheel drive vehicle, that’s great. You could sure use it in the winter and it’s handy to have in the summer if you enjoy the back-country.

      Here’s a couple of links you may find helpful. Hope to see you around town!

      Snowfall amounts:
      California Average Snowfall
      Georgetown Weather Station located on Fox Run Road:
      Fox Run Weather


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