Sorry Nipplets

We’re very sorry to announce that this blog will no longer be able to support The Nipplets, Team Dan or any of their fund-raising efforts related to breast cancer awareness in the future.

This unfortunate circumstance has evolved over the past few weeks and came to a head this past Thursday. A rather hostile and threatening email received by this blogger from the main supporter and founding member of this group is the reason for this action.

This email stated that this blog was to “…..stop using my name as a promotion for your product” (WTF??) and also threatened me with legal action. When this person discovered that my pen name on the blog isgeorgetowndivide”,  they even had the nerve to say “…..spare me“, as if I had no right to use it.

Sorry to burst your bubble. You may own a domain name, but that doesn’t give you exclusive rights to use that word or term and you sure as hell don’t own the domain I’m on. It’s MY Georgetown Divide too! So why don’t you just……

Spare Me!

georgetowndivide encourages you to donate to a breast cancer charity of your choice.

Highest ethical standards and patience.

One thought on “Sorry Nipplets

  1. Thank you.

    I can’t believe these women who think their frontage was a good name to exact tolerance for sorrow and, also, their vacations away from the same family members who went through cancer with them, when so many others are going through Other Cancers or worse (SB 6-year old died on her birthday last week from inoperable brain tumor) without all of the hype and monies that pink laboratories and animals get for such.

    I’m glad they feel “powerful” in their somewhat-limited and -egocentric lives, but did they really have to stick out their ti____ in our face? So glad my 25-year old NOLS-trained full-ride Stanford Ecology-Masters Hodgkin’s’ niece, who spent all of her “vacation time” training poverty-stricken U.S.- and third world locals eco-travel, doesn’t drag around a set of bones to “educate” the public what SHE went through with needles inserted into her bones with no anesthesia, and no end in sight.

    SHAME on the women who are supposed to be mentoring the young…


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