The American River Inn

Georgetown’s Historic Bed and Breakfast

The “Pride of the Mountains” was built in 1853, during the heat of the “gold fever” pandemic. It was the cry of “Gold!” that brought adventurers to Georgetown. It was the clear air, towering pines, and untamed beauty that kept them here.

The Historic American River Inn

The mining camp, known in the mid-1800’s as “Growlersburg” (perhaps because nuggets were so big they “growled” in the gold pans), held riches beyond imagination. One famous nugget from the Woodside Mine, whose lode still runs under the American River Inn, weighed in at 126 ounces. It is recorded that by spring of 1853, an estimated $2,000,000 in gold had been mined in historic Georgetown.

Light reflects off of sparkling clean windows on the Inn’s front porch.

The Inn served as a stage coach stop and a boarding house for miners. Surviving many dreaded fires that were the terror of most mining camps, the original American Hotel (circa 1853) was damaged by fire in 1899. But by community demand, it rose from the ashes to host travelers down to this day, as the Historic American River Inn and Woodside Suites. Current proprietors are Will and Maria Collin.

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porch photo courtesy of vntghippy of Georgetown

Georgetown Divide

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