Tom Soike Needs Our Help

“We’re counting on public support”


Tom Soike (pronounced soy-key) gave $3,500 from his small family inheritance for the purchase of a family bench at the then proposed Veteran’s Memorial. The Memorial was constructed and one bench was not inscribed. It was Mr. Soike’s family bench.

To date, Mr. Soike has been unsuccessful in getting El Dorado County officials to allow him to inscribe his family bench with the following: “ God, I’ve tasted your heaven through freedom and fought through the pain of these wars and wondered if somehow the something I’ve given could somehow have been something more.”

Mr. Soike objected to the requirement that, before his bench could be inscribed, he would have to remove the words “God” and “Heaven“. He was later told he would have to remove the entire quote because it is “Too prayer-like“. Supervisor Ray Nutting has scheduled the matter for discussion on Tuesday February 23, 2010 at 9:30am in the Board Meeting Room at 330 Fair Lane in Placerville.

We do not have nor can we afford an attorney. We’re counting on public support. So if you can be there or send a letter of support to: Tom Soike at P.O. Box 129, Somerset, CA 95684. Or email at We would appreciate it.

Tom Soike

Email Supervisor Ray Nutting at:

visit El Dorado County Veteran’s Affairs

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