Foresthill Bridge

The Foresthill Bridge over the American River is the tallest bridge in the State of California. It is sometimes referred to as the Auburn-Foresthill Bridge or the Auburn Bridge.

Originally constructed to accompany the never finished Auburn Dam, the bridge stands 730 feet above the riverbed. It was built in 1971 by Kawasaki Heavy Industries and opened in 1973. The bridge spans the North Fork of the American River between the towns of Auburn and Foresthill, California.

Pedestrians can walk the length of the bridge in both directions. There is anti-Auburn Dam graffiti, showing protest of the once planned dam, on the bridge’s underside. The bridge has become a popular site for base jumping.

The bridge can be seen in the beginning of the action movie “XXX”, in which Vin Diesel’s character is seen driving a stolen red Chevy Corvette off of it, then jumping from the car mid-flight and parachuting to his accomplices at the bottom of the American River Canyon.

Source: Wikipedia

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