The Glory Hole

Located at the end of Church Street on the way to Georgia Slide is the “Glory Hole”. This beautiful emerald green pond now covers the entrance to what was once one of Georgetown’s biggest producing gold mines.

The Beebe Mine, on the north side of Georgetown, was one of the larger sources of gold in El Dorado County and actually a consolidation of several claims, including the Brooklyn, East Lode, Iowa and Woodside-Eureka.

The Eureka claim was first worked in the early days of the Gold Rush and up to 1908. The Beebe claim itself was prospected in 1917. From 1932 until 1939 the Beebe Gold Mining Company operated the mine and removed 306,241 tons of ore that produced $1,200,465 in gold. After 1939, a little gold was found while cleaning up.

The vein averaged 12 to 15 feet in width and was reached by three shafts, the Eureka, old Beebe and Beebe No. 2 with levels at 130, 250, 370, 500, 600 and 700 feet. At the 370-foot level there was a 700-foot drift in ore and between the 500 and 700-foot level a winze.

The last gold mined came from stopes at the 600 and 700-foot levels. Gold ore from this mine and the Alpine mine was processed at a stamp mill on this property.

photo thanks to: vntghippy

references: Mines of El Dorado County

One thought on “The Glory Hole

  1. THATS IT!!! much more colorfull then i remember it.the level looks the same,my unkle glenn said the level seemed to always be the same.thank you very much for digging this up for me.sure brings back good memories.glenn and doris loved that place and really enjoyed every minute of thier life there.I have many stories about logging and all the great people that lived in that small town.when Iwent to glenns funeral the church was full,but what made it unforgetful was that everyone had to get up and say something good about him.It was hard for those older folks to talk without breaking down but they stood there until they finished.I thought some would fallover but no they insisted on saying what glenn ment to thats what I call truley great people.I will never forget those follks.Ithink it could only happen in a small town.never experienced any thing like it at all the many funerals i ve been to.people that hadnt seen me fornear 38 years came up to me and said they rememberd me by my nick name shotgun.people just arnt like that anymore from what ive seen.hope some of those people ar still there. bob geddis


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