Main Street in Georgetown, circa 1910

Georgetown Main Street circa 1910Main Street, Georgetown California circa 1910


photo thanks to: Sheryl Rambeau

4 thoughts on “Main Street in Georgetown, circa 1910

  1. I was hopeing to see some pictures of the Beebe mine and the glory hole.Im a relitive of glen helvey who used to own the pond at the beebee mine.I used to log with glenn during the summer 1948,1949;1950. have many fond memories of the great people I met in georgetown esoecially the two pardners that owned the small veneer plant in cant find better people anywhere.would like to contact any of the relitives of doris helvey.would love to visit georgetown this summer.Bob Geddis.


      1. Hi Bob,
        “Moderation” just means your comment has to be approved by a moderator before it will appear online. On most sites, comments are usually only held for moderation on your 1st visit. After that, they usually appear immediately unless the moderator decides differently.



    1. Bob,
      I’ll see what I can do about digging up some more photos. Will check on Helvey relatives still in the area & will get back to you. Hope you can come to visit this summer.



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