‘Parade of Lights’ and Tree Raising in Georgetown

Georgetown’s Annual “Parade of Lights” is December 3rd,
with the parade lining up over by The Stamp Mill at 5 p.m.

Heavy snow covers the 2009 Christmas Tree after an early December storm.

The afternoon kicks off with the tree raising in the center of town by volunteers of the Georgetown Fire Department. The Parade of Lights is sponsored by the Georgetown Divide Rotary and has become the community’s favorite event, ending with a visit by Santa Claus.

All are welcome! Floats, walkers & friendly animals are encouraged to light up and join in the festivities. Choirs, youth groups & other entertainers are also needed. It’s a fun event for the entire family. Soups, stews, hot chocolate & cider will be available to those in attendance. It will be on the cool side this evening, so please dress warmly. Hope to see you there!


MOTD: ‘Dirty Cello’ to Perform at IOOF Hall – November 20, 2016

Rebecca Roudman of ‘Dirty Cello

From China to Italy, and all over the U.S., Dirty Cello brings the world a high energy and unique spin on blues and bluegrass.

Led by vivacious cross-over cellist, Rebecca Roudman, Dirty Cello is cello like you’ve never heard before. From down home blues with a wailing cello to virtuosic stompin’ bluegrass, Dirty Cello is a band that gets your heart thumping and your toes tapping!

“The group seamlessly careens from blues to bluegrass and rock in a way that really shouldn’t make sense but somehow does.” LA Times

Dirty Cello at Music on the Divide

When: Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 3 p.m.

Where: IOOF Hall – 6240 Main St, Georgetown, CA 95634

Cost: $20

More info: 530-626-7234 or http://www.musiconthedivide.org/

Halloween on Church Street: Candy and Cash Donations Needed!


Received via our Contact Us page:

Each Halloween, Church St. gets between 1,000 and 1,200 children trick or treating. I appreciate all the people and Rotary who donate candy or money to help buy candy each year. However, each year many people on Church St. run out of candy and have to shut down before Halloween ends at 8:00 pm. Also, many have had to go out and buy candy because much of it is donated at the last minute and people feel they won’t have enough. So, please donate candy and if you do please do so a week or more ahead of time so I have to distribute it to the many houses on Church St. You can leave candy in the can at my door at 2942 Church St. or at MarVal. Also, this year the county is charging $200 to close the street.

Jackie Morgan, candy lady

GetOffYourGass.com: The Ultimate Guide to Hiking on The Georgetown Divide

“Hikes from the North Fork to the South Fork of the American River”

With a brief respite from winter’s El Niño storms and temperatures nearing 70° across the Georgetown Divide, there couldn’t be a better time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors! While snow at higher elevations limits trail use to snowshoes or cross-country skis at this time of year, lower elevation trails are open and are often lightly used during the cooler months.

For local hikers, GetOffYourGass.com is the ultimate guide to hiking on the Georgetown Divide. GetOffYourGass was created in 2007 by Philip Liberman to provide a source on the web for hikes in the American River watersheds above Folsom Lake. “Get Off Your Gass” was the name Tom Petersen used when he lead hikes in the region during that time period.

The site contains more than 300 pages of hiking trails and detailed, hand-drawn maps. This is a collection of hikes from the books: Auburn Outback, Georgetown Hiking Trails, Lost Trails of the Sierra Nevada, Placerville Paths and Take a Hike! by local authors Tom Petersen, Robert J. Griffis and Evan W. Jones.

visit: GetOffYourGass

Tree Pruning Clinic on Saturday, February 27

Get a Jump On Spring! It’s Time to Prune Your Trees!

WHEN: February 27, 2016 at 10:00am

LOCATION: 6639 School Street, Georgetown

HOSTED BY: Divide Supply

TAUGHT BY: Nancy Ottow and Janice Hoyt

Rain cancels and class will be held at the same time and place on Saturday, March 10th. Bring your pruning tools.

image: faithfulwon.com

KFOK Valentine’s Concert and Dance – Fundraising Event on February 13th, 2016

♥ KFOK Valentine’s Concert and Dance ♥
Hope to See You There!

State of Jefferson Needs Your Help

Become One of The ’51sters’


["State of Jefferson"]

Call the CA Legislature

Will this go to Court?

More than likely the litigation process will begin within a month. Two of the best attorney’s in the U.S. are gearing up to proceed with the legal steps. It should also be noted, that attorney’s across the nation, are watching with great interest, what Jeffersonians are doing here in California.

WE NEED YOUR HELP: The State of Jefferson Committee is now accepting donations that go directly for efforts here in El Dorado County. Now we want to hold events all over El Dorado County to spread the word and make money for our Legal Fund. We would like to hold town hall meetings, dinners and other fun outdoor events when the weather is right. We need your donations to make this happen. Any amount is welcome, please send checks to Mike Thomas, payable to State of Jefferson EDC, 1390 Broadway, #271, Placerville, CA 95667.
If you want to donate directly to the Legal Fund, this can be done on the SOJ Main Website: SOJ51.net. Click on the donate button, all money’s contributed to this web site, are used strictly for the Legal Fund. Any dollar amount is appreciated: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or any other amount. You can set up recurring monthly payments for $5, $10, $20 etc. Please Note: These contributions are not tax deductible and your identity will not be disclosed.

Are You In It To Win It?

To win, we need your continued help. Join the “three” for Jefferson campaign: We need you and 9,999 others to make 3 phone calls a day to State legislators. THIS WILL TAKE YOU LESS THAN 5 MINUTES EACH DAY. Many of us are making 10+ calls a day and are enlisting family members and friends, to join this most important effort. We are also making special calls to Ted Gaines and Frank Bigelow daily.

Make your calls and you will have a chance to win an AR-15 Sport Rifle. It doesn’t stop here, because a different gun will be given away every month. Our goal is 30,000 phone calls each and every day.

How do you participate? Go to the SOJ 51.net web site and click on the 51sters button, at the top of the page. Once the next page opens, follow the instructions. On the left side of the page you enter your name and email. THIS IS IMPORTANT. You can opt out of the contest if you want, but we still want you to submit your information. If you wish to download all 120 legislators you can do that under the submit button. You will see a list of 3 names & phone numbers on the right side of the page. Every time you click on the 51sters tab it will randomly give you 3 more names to call. You can call as many as you would like to call, but please at least do the 3.

Calls can me be made during the day, or you can leave a message in the evening or on weekends. If you do get a staff person or voice mail, state your name and county and feel free to add your own thoughts, but please be positive and polite. At this time, there is no bill number and are currently looking for a legislator to introduce our legislation.

Suggested Script: “Hello, my name is____________________, from El Dorado County and I want _____________________, to support the State of Jefferson legislation when it comes up for a vote in committee and on the floor. Thank you.”

What’s next in El Dorado County?

In 2016, we look forward to seeing the many of our new supporters. Please watch for future newsletters. This is a grass roots effort and we welcome your assistance in gathering more signatures and spreading the good word about Jefferson to friends and business people. The committee is looking to hold more town halls, in various area communities, as well as fundraising events.

It was very gratifying to have such a large contingency from El Dorado County, at the capitol, standing for hours under wet and chilling conditions. It is only with a great army of volunteers, will we achieve our long awaited Win!

El Dorado County State of Jefferson Committee

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