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We are always looking to add new and relevant content and encourage the Divide Community’s input. Please contact us if you have something you wish to see added to this blog like photos, stories, local news, upcoming events, fund-raisers etc. Any and all information relevant to the Georgetown Divide will be added at our discretion. You can leave a comment here or we can be reached by email at:


10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Howdy from the Souza Ranch on Bear Creek Rd, I thought that you would like to know about the 1890 Freight Wagon that George Schlein owned and operated here on the Divide from the 1890’s through 1948. I now own the wagon that i use in many events on the Divide and around Calif.If your interested knowing more about this Historical Horse Drawn Wagon, give me call or e-mail me..Happy Trails! Dave Souza 333-0456


  2. Actually, I have a question: I have been doing some historical research into water rights in the area around Mt. Shasta, Ca. I have run across the term “statute inch” in my research. No one around here or at the California Water Board seems to know what that means. An old farmer told me that it is the amount of water that will flow through a square inch slot. That sounds very much like the definition of a miners inch. I would appreciate any information you may have on this term. Thanks, Susan


    1. Susan, sorry for the long overdue response.

      The origin of the statute mile, foot & inch dates back to Queen Elizabeth and her mathematics tutor John Dee, circa 1592. I have never heard it used in describing water measurment.



  3. There is no actual address listed, and I am simply looking into my past in order to figure out my future. My name is Beverly Clark, the grand daughter of Jimmy Ward (Papa Smurf). I am hoping against all odds for a miracle, and that maybe someone has pictures, stories, and something I can pass down to my children. Before he died he used to own and run the Ponderosa Pond Bar & Saloon. I am starting by the functions he used to be into, and this popped up. I am sure much like his military career that the Clampers have changed over the years into something different than when he used to love and adore. I am still hoping I can find a way to pay for a piece of his and my past that has been lost. I would like to make arrangements, even though I know from conversations with him that video and pictures were forbidden, He is why I am who I am today


  4. Hi, my name is Maria Hansen, I lost my horse on the cool trails today. 8/12/14. My husband and I searched from 5:30 to 9:30. No luck. I will be searching again tomorrow morning. He is a large leopard Appaloosa gelding . If you see him or find him my cell # is 530-320-4945. My home number is 530-367-5117. My husbands cell number is 530-308-8387. Scot Hansen. Thank you.


  5. Each Halloween, Church St. gets between 1000 and 1200 children trick or treating.
    I appreciate all the people and Rotary who donate candy or money to help buy candy each year. However, each year many people on Church St. run out of candy and have to shut down before Halloween ends at 8:00 p.m. Also, many have had to go out and buy candy because much of it is donated at the last minute and people feel they won’t have enough. So please donate candy and if you do please do so a week or more ahead of time so I have to distribute it to the many houses on Church St. You can leave candy in the can at my door at 2942 Church St. or at MarVal. Also, this year the county is charging $200 to close the street
    Jackie Morgan, candy lady

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